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Cognitive Rehabilitation


Cognitive Rehabilitation is a non-medical treatment about cognitive functions deficits. It consists of exercises, either paper and pencil or computerized, that aim to help people suffering from brain lesions to enhance or even restore the cognitive functions that present with problems.

In my office, Cognitive Rehabilitation sessions are conducted either with paper and pencil or with the aid of RehaCom (Ostracon), a software used worldwide for the rehabilitation of cognitive functions. RehaCom keeps detailed records for every session and every task and produces comparative tables and charts, where we can see the progress or the difficulties across sessions. In this way, we obtain objectively measurable results that allow us to “build” even more targeted and effective interventions.

In the beginning of therapy, a thorough neuropsychological assessment is conducted to detect the specific deficits of each patient and choose the right tasks. The assessment is followed by a series of sessions with the therapist. During these sessions, the patient performs several tasks whose aim is to re-train the brain to effectively execute the cognitive processes that have been damaged. This process is based on the brain’s capacity to create new neurons and connections through systematic practice. The goal is the improvement of patient’s daily functioning, the restoration of cognitive deficits or the better management of them through techniques and, finally, the improvement of quality of life. During the last years, several studies have documented that Cognitive Rehabilitation, when applied right from the beginning of a disease, can slow the progression of symptoms and contribute vitally to the overall improvement of cognitive functioning.

Who can benefit from cogitive rehabilitation?
Aimed at people with Mild Mental Disorder, Dementia Alzheimer's type, Parkinson's disease and others.
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